This current transmission technology is over a century old, but in no way obsolete, even where the latest grip vehicles are frequently equipped with brushless motors. Carbon brushes establish electrical contact to the rotating component of a machine using sliding rings or collectors. Railway applications in particular lead to an extremely high demand on carbon brush sliding contacts. These include brief overloading, large current peaks, longer idling, weak load operation, aggressive vapors and gases, high ambient temperatures, oil mists and high dust and ash content.

Hatim carbon has been supplying brushes to the Indian Railways since many years for traction machines of diesels electric and electrical traction application.

Ac locomotives
1. Hitachi HS-15250/ HS-15250A 2. AlstomTAO-659

Diesel locomotives
1. TractionmotorsTM165
2. Tractiongenerators/Alternators

Electrical multiple units
1. Tractionmotor153BX/TM133AY

Railway Auxiliaries
1. Blowermotor
2. Compressormotor
3. FuelPumps/Carriagefan



Today the equipments in cement plants operates under difficult environmental and performance conditions (high temperatures, humidity, dust, overloading/underloading cycles, etc.).

Hatim carbon offers efficient electrical, mechanical and sealing solutions suited to cement industry’s specific requirements. Our carbon brushes find its applications in:

1. Coalmillmotors
2. Klin(DCmotors)
3. MillApplication
4. Rotopackers
5. Crushers



As a leading manufacturer of carbon brushes, we offer advanced, rational solutions for any size-reduction requirements. In Mining, our equipments are used in:

1. Draglines
2. Shovels
3. Drills
4. ConveyorBelts
5. HoistMotors
6. OffHighwayVehicles




Steel plants have varieties of rotating electrical machines with classified range and grades of carbon brushes and brush holders. Identical machines sometimes need different types of brushes because of the diverse local conditions and today steel plants have standardized the carbon brushes to a large extent. Our products are majorly used in:

1. Rollingmills
2. Galvanizinglines
3. Cranes
4. ExtractorsandGrinders



Power generation is one of the basic applications of our product. Manufactured with quality raw material, our products are further quality tested to ensure that it delivers excellent performance with longer brush life. These are used in:

1. Wind turbines (Slip ring brush)

2. ThermalPower



Our power brands of carbon brushes have been widely accepted by the industry, and successfully compete with global brands. Our range encompasses both passenger and commercial vehicle manufacturers, and cover models ranging from the massive railways, all the way to the smallest passenger vehicles. Used in:

1. Starter
2. Alternators




Our capabilities of manufacturing machining brushes allow us to provide us high quality parts using the most economical methods. We assure long life for all our products. The power tools which employ our products are:

1. DiamondwheelCutters
2. AngelGrinders
3. WetGrinders
4. StraighterGrinders
5. RotaryHammers