Carbon Brushes

Though they are frequently overlooked, carbon brushes are one of the most critical elements of a motor.

A carbon brush, also known as a motor brush, is the small part of the motor that conducts electrical current between the stationary wires (stator) and the rotating wires (rotor) of a motor or generator. The brush is made up of one or more carbon blocks and can come with one or more terminals.

A motor usually contains more than one carbon brush to conduct electrical current. The brushes are divided into five brush-grade categories, each of which is constructed for different kinds of motors and applications.



Brushes manufactured by Hatim Carbon are all cut in the direction of grain orientation of the carbon block. Perfectly parallel sides with very close tolerances are maintained to ensure the brush slides in and out of the folder without jamming or having much play. Special care is taken at connections (tamps) between the copper flexible and the brush piece and a 100% MV drop test is conducted to ensure the joints are perfect, and that there is very low drop of current at the joints.



The complete range of brush grades can be grouped into following seven classes:

  1. Hard Carbon class
  2. Carbon graphite class
  3. Natural graphite class
  4. Electro graphite class
  5. Metal graphite class
  6. Metal-impregnated graphite class
  7. Resin bonded class

We manufacture various types of carbon brushes ensuring the correct carbon brush is available for your requirement.